The game

a new kind of experience...
non-linear storytelling, teamwork, exploration, discovery and augmented reality

the story...

Something has happened. The world seems different somehow.

You are invited to join a hacker collective. They have a very important mission for you regarding a van that holds a lot of secrets.

An immersive interactive narrative

in the back of a van...

customer reviews
time modes
possible endings
cool Ex- ambulance


Immerse yourself

Make your own discoveries about the multiverse.

work together

Designed for teamwork and creating new memories together.

augmented reality

Play with the boundaries of physical and imaginary.

Solve puzzles

If you like the more traditional escape games you will not be disappointed.

play again

Each time you play it will play out differently.

Make your own story

You are completely in control of what you do and when you do it.

sounds good!

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