what we do...

With Escape Engines we aim to create immersive, interactive and exciting experiences that move audiences of all ages through story and exploration and bring people together.

The world is facing a time of unprecedented change. In times of change and uncertainty we need art, fun, creativity, imagination, empathy, teamwork and adventure more than ever.

We want to open up worlds of story, exploration, imagination and play for everyone, anywhere.

Who we are...

We are a creative family, exploring new ways to run a business; more creativity, more connection to people, community and the environment, more flexibility and mobility, more inventing adventures, less money led decisions, less corporate, more creation of art and experiences instead of just "stuff".

We hope to build on this vision as a viable alternative to traditional business. Our aim is to explore and experiment with the boundary between physical and virtual art and narratives, in a sustainable way, and to grow an inclusive community of creatives who want to do the same.

Creator and Designer
Sarah Woodrow

Sarah is experienced in all kinds of design, having designed Products, Services, Websites and Computer Games over her career, as well as illustrating and writing.

Her focus is on play, emotion and narrative. She is also committed to ensuring that your experience and relationship with us is awesome and continues for many years.

Director and Games Master
James Woodrow

James Woodrow has worked in large studios as well as released several independent games, the most well known being Chompy Chomp Chomp Party on the Wii U. He is the developer, set builder and co-designer.

James acts as the games master within Escape Engines.