Frequently Asked Questions

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questions about the van
What is the van like?

It's an ex-ambulance, which means it has everything you need to stay warm and comfortable, including air-con, heating, insulation, lighting and seats.

The inside height of the van is 6ft, we recommend that people taller than this take a seat during the game in order to prevent them bumping their heads.

What size is the van?

The van is 2121 x 1231.

We will need a parking space of 334 x 342 in order to allow room for people to get in and out of the van.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is a ramp. If you are booking with a need for disabled access, please let us know before booking, we may need to limit the number of people involved to less in order to make room for the chair and would like to ensure that we have all of your needs covered.

What happens if the van gets stuck in traffic or breaks down?

We appreciate this is a risk and we do as much as we can to make sure this doesn't happen.

However, we will ring your main contact number as soon as it becomes apparent and discuss with you the options.

If it turns out we need to cancel altogether due to a problem at our end we will offer you a full refund and 10% off a future booking. Sometimes these things happen and with your understanding we will make it up to you.

Questions about the game
Do you have a recommended age range?

Our games are currently recommended for ages 10 and up.

Is the van locked during the game?

We do not lock the van and you can leave at any time. However the game will continue in your absence and there will be no refunds for anyone who wishes to stop playing.

Is it difficult?

You don't win or lose as such. So it's not about being clever and doing maths, it's about playing and having fun and the experience is yours to guide and do with however you want.

Is the game scary?

There is no gore or shock scares. We don't recommend kids under 10 play, children between 10 and 18 will need a parent or guardian over 18 to accompany them.

If you are afraid for other reasons, like claustrophobia, you can exit the van at anytime as it is not locked. Please let us know if this may be a problem for you in advance.

What skills do you need for the game?

There is a fair amount of reading to do, so you should be good at reading. The rest is really quite intuitive.

Questions about booking
What happens if it rains?

If you have a building we can brief you in, we will brief you there, in the dry. Otherwise you may need to bring umbrellas!

What is your cancellation policy?

Please check the booking terms for more information.

What counts as the 'Cambridge Area'?

Our standard prices cover CB postcodes.

If you are outside of these postcode areas you can still go ahead and book online, however we will contact you to ask for an extra petrol fee to go outside of the Cambridge area. You may prefer to ring us to make your booking on XXX

What if I am outside of the Cambridge Area?

We can still come to you, however we ask that you do not book online and contact us first.

We will need to charge extra in order to cover the extra travel costs and time, we also need to make sure that there are no bookings that will clash with the travel time.